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by Kathi on March 31, 2014, 11:46:00 AM


A little chilly but thats ok because the yard is finally waking up about three weeks later than last year managing to get rid of the dirty snowman in time for Peggys birthday.  I have a few crocuses blooming and all of the spring bulbs are stretching their foliage skyward.  The hostas look like gnarly toe knuckles pushing up out of the dirt and I could just about cut the onion and garlic chives for a little light use in the kitchen.  The grandkids have been plugging away at cleaning up the flower beds and stringing the solar lights back in the trees and bushes.  This year the youngest is showing signs of actually being useful.  Instead of demanding that his sisters drag all of his toys outside, he wants a pair of gardening gloves so he can help pull up the dead leaves and is making suggestions as to what we should plant in the raised veggie bed.  Im thinking that Ill let the kids decide that, as long as they leave me room for a couple of plum tomatoes and peppers and cukes!

by Kathi on February 08, 2014, 08:36:00 AM


7 degrees color me blue but Im still standing, more or less.  One set of friends is on a plane for San Diego today and another set is headed for Cabo San Lucas and what am I doing?  Im hoping that either it warms up enough for me to manage getting the trash can in the back yard or my helpers turn up to do it for me.  Until this winter, it never occurred to me that extreme cold could be harder to breathe in than extreme heat.  Freezing drizzle beat down the last round of snow to a couple of inches of crust and that stubbornly refuses to go away even the dog, who normally enjoys a good romp in the white stuff, is disheartened.  She and the little Jack Russell terriers next door race outside to challenge each other at the fence between them but their tender doggie toes dont last more than a few minutes before they all want back in.  Netflix and Amazon are my friends.  The good news is that February will be over in a few weeks and I can start telling myself that then it will begin to get warmer.  Would that I could hibernate until the crocuses begin to peek out!

by Kathi on December 31, 2013, 07:36:00 AM


Ive seldom been as happy about seeing the last of a year as I am about shooing 2013 out the door.  Its been a rough one, folks.  My favorite son & techie, however, seems to have (finally) fixed this blog page and, with a little luck, I can once again post pix and youtube videos when Im so inclined.  For today Im just going to relish the fix, make cinnamon rolls and contemplate the things I have to be thankful for my family and friends, a dog that doesnt sneak into the trash when my back is turned and the ability to still find the wonderful and funny things that make life worth living.

by Kathi on August 17, 2013, 08:03:00 AM
Id like to claim that the lack of new blog entries is due to all the work Ive been doing in my yard but the sad truth of the matter is that the grandkids do much more work out there than I do these days. I guess Im pouting because it gets harder and harder to do the things that I want and need to do and admitting to that feels like giving up. Also too, there have been some changes that make posting on this front page a little difficult and my techie hasnt got around to working them out (ahem). I really am swimming in tomatoes this summer. I planted four; an Early Girl, a roma, a grape and a cherry, all of which should have kept me comfortably in the love apples but I really wasnt expecting how well they were going to do. Ive picked a few poblanos & gypsy peppers and can see some eggplants but those veggies have been totally overpowered by the tomatoes. The cukes are about played out. Although I pick some almost every day, the carrots and green onions seem to be multiplying like bunnies and I have some adorable Sugar Baby watermelons. Thought the melons were about ready to pick a week or so ago (I blame that early confidence on a youtube video on how to tell when they are ripe but it lied) and brought the biggest one proudly inside. Alas and alack, slicing it showed it to need another couple of weeks. Were picking the blackberries and the grapes are close. The purple basil got completely overrun by the cukes, melons and nasturtiums. A ruby-throated hummer has been teasing me all week Ill see it through the window and run (in so far as I can run) out with the camera and tripod, only to find its disappeared again. Nuts. Shooting hummers was so much easier when I had a dozen or so of them at every feeder all day long
by Kathi on May 16, 2013, 09:11:31 AM

So much for limiting the stuff in the raised bed to things that won’t sprawl all over the place.  Along with bush cukes, (which aren’t as bad as regular, viny cukes but still…) I’ve got Sugar Baby watermelons in there and I’m pretty sure that I will come to regret that at some point.  Three kinds of tomatoes, both gypsy and poblano peppers, “regular’ and Japanese eggplants, purple basil, dill, cilantro, carrots and bunching onions are coming up.  As are the nasturtiums (which I love for salads as well as looks) and sunflowers.  We’re talkin’ VERY intensely planted here, folks.  The Chicago Hardy fig tree is making a strong comeback after being frosted but the jury is still out on the poor little Brown Turkey fig.  The blackberry bushes and grapes (need to prune those grapes soon) look good and the azaleas are glorious.  The clematis is blooming and the wisteria should open any day now, along with the roses.  If I had more air, I’d rip out the stupid Joseph’s Coat rose – what a fool I was to plant it.  It’s doing exactly what the last ones I had (several years ago) did.  Looked great for a couple of years and then started going downhill.  Can’t rip it out without making a mess of the Shasta daisies (which are also getting ready to bloom), so it’ll have to sit there looking ugly for the season, I guess.

A scatterbrained robin built her nest on the electric meter, right outside the kitchen door and I hadn’t much hope that the two eggs would even hatch since, every time the dog or I go in or out, Mama has taken off but the last couple of days she’s been giving me the evil eye and staying on the nest (unless I get too close).  I’ve been trying to catch a picture of her glaring at me and had a nice surprise when I took the camera out this morning.

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